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Safe From Harm

Safe From Harm

#2 in the Sugar Land Mystery series

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In a new mystery featuring Texas minister Walker "Bear" Wells, a teen tragedy hits too close to home...

The ominous text message Bear Wells received from his teenage daughter Jo simply said: "Come home." The Texas minister never imagined he'd rush back to find her cradling the dead body of her estranged friend Phoebe. While the death rocks Sugar Land, the apparent suicide seems like an open-and-shut case. But nothing is settled in the Wells household, especially for Jo. The deeper she digs into Phoebe's life, the more she realizes nobody knew her at all.

Bear found it hard enough dealing with Phoebe's skimpy Goth outfits, painful-looking piercings, and the outrageous scandals she brought to his idyllic Sugar Land congregation, but now it's his daughter who's acting out. Jo knows Phoebe caused major problems between her picture-perfect father and stepmom, but she has no idea what's at stake or whose lives are in jeopardy. Bear's painfully aware that his last private investigation resulted in a bullet wound, so when Jo sneaks out alone to confront her primary suspect, he's not only praying that he'll find her in time—he's asking forgiveness for what he may have to do to save her.

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Amazon Barnes & Noble Books-A-Million

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"Bear's common sense and devotion to family make him extremely appealing..."
   —Publishers Weekly (read the full review)

"As charming and wry as Evans' bright debut (Faithful Unto Death, 2012), filled with reasons to own dogs, love your children and your wife, and have faith."
   —Kirkus Reviews (read the full review)

"To simply take this tale at face value would be a colossal mistake, though, because Safe From Harm is so much more than your stereotypical traditional mystery.
It also doesn't hurt that Evans is capable of achingly beautiful prose; at times, her writing is so lush and vivid that you just want to sit and stare at the pictures it paints in your mind...
But it's gonna take more than a clever construct and pretty words to really and truly sell me on a book—to turn it into something I'll not only love, but about which I will gush. No, what truly sets this book apart—what makes it—is what happens to the tale when you add Bear's voice. Because his narration? It's nothing short of magnificent."
   —Criminal Element (read the full review)

Berkley Trade; paperback, March 2013, ISBN: 978-0425253465